High level of technology competence – a precondition for innovative solutions.

Thanks to our focus on core technologies, we are constantly pushing the envelope on these specific fronts. Our acknowledged technology and process expertise is the seedbed for innovative solutions.

Cold forming: high productivity and material efficiency

Ever since its production activities began in 1960, SFS has opted for the beneficial properties of cold forming. Starting with a blank – usually a wire cut-off – a formed part is produced in two to six forming stages, during which the metal workpiece takes the shape of the die into which it is pressed.The advantages offered by cold forming are many. In light of the constant volumes in the forming process, material loss is extremely low compared to alternative manufacturing methods (e.g. machining processes). The high productive capacity of up to 600 workpieces per minute also makes the cold forming process very cost-effective for high-volume production runs.

Deep drawing technology: ideal complement to cold forming technology

Deep drawing is a technique that is used to produce very thin-walled precision parts that cannot be produced through cold forming. Flat blanks serve as the starting material for deep-drawn parts. They are shaped into hollow bodies with diverse functions, undergoing as many as 22 different forming and shaping operations in the process.

Precision machining: the stepping stone to ready-to-fit components

With its comprehensive knowledge of precision machining, SFS is well equipped to meet client demand for ready-to-fit components. A wide range of products are made using modern machines and systems for cutting and forming components.

Plastic injection moulding technology: manufacturing composite parts

SFS has extensive experience and comprehensive production expertise in plastic injection moulding technology and can offer its customers comprehensive solutions, from the initial idea all the way through to the production-ready solution. Thermoplastics are used in a wide range of solutions that would not be possible with formed metal parts, or only with certain limitations. Superior solutions often result from the realization of components made of metal and plastic.

Mechanical fastening technology: fastener and installation device as one system

Fasteners are subject to diverse requirements, so variety of aspects must be taken into consideration, such as mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and aesthetic characteristics. As we strive to generate added value for customers, we focus on optimizing the entire fastening process. We do so by enhancing ergonomics, reliability and efficiency in the development of new application-specific installation devices and tools, and by offering customers comprehensive systems solutions. Rivets are often the right alternative when screws do not meet or only partially meet application specifications. ­GESIPA® has extensive know-how in blind rivet technology. Blind rivets and rivet nuts widen the range of mechanical fastening applications. Minimal wear, high installation quality, short processing cycles and a long service life are the hallmarks of these cost-effective installation machines and tools.

Logistics solutions: significant reductions in the cost of C class logistics

Sourcing costs associated with C parts are often higher than the actual cost of the parts themselves. This can usually be attributed to administrative tasks, intricate flows of information and complex movements of goods. In light of this, SFS has developed and implemented a series of solutions for optimizing C class inventory management processes. Working closely with customers, our logistics specialists have developed customized logistics concepts that offer significant cost advantages. “M2M by SFS”, a new generation of logistics solutions introduced in the spring of 2015, underscores SFS’s technology leadership in the field of logistics. A range of new tools such as smartphone, tablet and smartwatch connectivity and delivery status updates are just a few of the advantages offerd by this new logistics system. SFS logistics solutions also feature state-of-the-art sensor technology and wireless communications functionality that allows the integration of third-party suppliers.

Thanks to its comprehensive technology competence and its ability to develop automated assembly lines, SFS Group has achieved impressive project wins in the promising market for modern brake systems.
SFS Group has offered “M2M”, a new innovative solution for automated inventory management processes, since the spring of 2015.